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"Updating the territorial development strategy to guide planning, land and infrastructure development and the shaping of the built environment of Hong Kong beyond 2030"

Strategic planning has a long history in Hong Kong. Since the 1970s, we have reviewed the territorial development strategy around once every decade to embrace new needs and aspirations. The last review, "Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy" ("Hong Kong 2030"), was promulgated in 2007.

"Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030" ("Hong Kong 2030+"), a comprehensive strategic study to update the territorial development strategy, is built on the foundations of Hong Kong 2030 and has revisited the planning strategy and spatial development directions beyond 2030 in the light of the dynamics and challenges ahead. It represents the Government's vision, policy and strategy for the territorial development of Hong Kong beyond 2030. A visionary, proactive, pragmatic and action-oriented approach is adopted to ensure a focused public dialogue on the key planning issues critical to future development and a timely response to the changing circumstances in and outside of Hong Kong.

Major Study Tasks of Hong Kong 2030+
Major Study Tasks of Hong Kong 2030+

Expert Advisory Panel of Hong Kong 2030+
The EAP has been set up for the Hong Kong 2030+ to provide professional third-party input to the study. It comprises mainly academics, professionals and experts/representatives from various sectors such as economics, architecture, engineering, planning, surveying, social and environment.
List of Members

Professor Edward CHEN Kwan-yiu
Ir. Victor CHEUNG Chi-kong
Professor Rebecca CHIU Lai-ha
Mr. Anthony LAU Chun-hon
Mr. LAU Chun-kong
Mr. Samuel LAU Kin-pui
Dr. LAW Chi-kwong (Up to 30/6/2017)
Mr. Victor LO Chung-wing
Professor Terry LUM Yat-sang (Effective from 26/1/2018)
[Dr. NG Cho-nam]
Professor Edward NG Yan-yung
Professor Nora TAM Fung-yee
Ir. Dr. Samson TAM Wai-ho
Dr. James WANG Ji-xian
Dr. WONG Fook-yee
Professor Jonathan WONG Woon-chung
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