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Embracing New Economic Challenges and Opportunities

Hong Kong needs to move up the value chain and build up the land and space supplies required to enhance economic capacity and resilience to cope with unforeseen economic opportunities and challenges
Vacancy Rate Across Different Property Types

Adequate Land and Space for Economic Growth

To ensure sustainable growth of our economy, we need to provide adequate land and space, not only to address shortfalls but also to meet future demand
Major Planned/ Committed Projects and Potential Solution Spaces for Economic Land

We Propose

  • Providing land at the right locations to meet the current shortfall and continued demand from various economic sectors to sustain economic growth and to create new job opportunities. These include premier offices and premises for modern industries, innovation and technology

A Diversity of Economic Sectors and Quality Jobs with a Range of Skills

"To enhance economic resilience and adapt to the trend towards a knowledge-based economy, we should provide favourable conditions to promote niche sectors and emerging industries while strengthening the pillar industries"

We Propose

  • Enhancing economic capacity and resilience and providing quality jobs with a range of skills
  • Adapting to a knowledge and technology-based economy by providing favourable conditions and policy support to promote niche sectors and emerging industries (e.g. innovation, technology and modern industries) while strengthening the pillar industries
To promote niche sectors and emerging industries while strengthening the pillar industries, in order to adapt to a knowledge and technology-based economy

Innovation, Technology and Collaboration

"Hong Kong has been lagging behind in the development of innovation and technology. We should offer platforms and conditions conducive to promoting innovation, technology and collaboration between economic sectors"

We Propose

  • Providing suitable land and space to cater for the development needs of universities, higher education and training institutions, science and technology parks, incubation and start-up spaces, and innovation and technology companies
  • Adopting appropriate planning measures to promote a tech-ecosystem, entrepreneurship and business start-ups, and collaboration
  • Establishing a close collaboration among the Government, relevant sectors/industries, academia and research institutes

Sufficient and Suitable Human Capital

"In face of global competition for talents, we need to provide relevant education and training facilities and the right conditions to nurture, attract and retain valuable human resources and talents"

We Propose

  • Providing relevant education and training facilities such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • Providing adequate supporting infrastructure such as specialised or incubation workspaces (e.g. science and technology parks) and suitable accommodation (e.g. co-working spaces)
  • Providing appropriate land to establish world-class education/training facilities to build up a pool of talents and to attract overseas investors

Adequate and Timely Provision of Supporting Infrastructure

"Increasing global and regional integration calls for better rail, road and air connectivity and infrastructure support. Specific sectors require special facilities to suit their needs"

We Propose

  • Improving the efficiency of the city, including transport connectivity by rail, road and air connectivity, information communication technology (ICT) enhancement, and infrastructure support
  • Enhancing and/or regenerating the capacities of the existing supporting infrastructure for our pillar and emerging industries
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