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Topical Papers and Reports

(1) Hong Kong in the Global Context
(2) Hong Kong in the Region
(3) Baseline Review: Population, Housing, Economy and Spatial Development Pattern
(4) Planning and Urban Design for a Liveable High-Density City
(5) Green and Blue Space Conceptual Framework
(6) Planning for Recreational and Community Farming in Hong Kong
(7) Planning for Agricultural Uses in Hong Kong
(8) An Inclusive and Supportive City for All Ages
(9a) Consolidated Land Use Requirements and Supply Analysis
(9b) Final Consultancy Report on "Review of Land Requirement for Grade A Offices, Business and Industrial Uses"
(10) Land Supply Considerations and Approach
(11) Transport Infrastructure and Traffic Review
(12) Baseline Review and Proposed Key Strategic Directions for Infrastructure Provision
(13) Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation for Sustainable Growth
(14) Hong Kong 2030+: A Smart, Green and Resilient City Strategy
(15) Conceptual Spatial Framework
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